"Buying a house is stressful. Finding out that I qualified for two Home At Last™ programs and could keep a lot more money in the bank was a relief."

– Lyndsey Hall and son Nathan, homeowners since May 2012


"After gall bladder surgery wiped out our savings, we thought we would have to wait a few years to purchase a home. We turned to the Home At Last™ Access program and are now in the process of closing on our dream home.
– Tina Martini, homeowner since April 2013
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"Using Home At LastTM MCC and Access I had $9,000 in home equity right away. I was able to get the home I wanted in the neighborhood I wanted and my mortgage payment is less than what I used to pay in rent. If just feels wonderful."
– Amber Ruhberg, homeowner since November 2012

"Our lender told us about the Home At Last™ Access program. We were so happy that we qualified and so thankful to have a place to call our own and raise our family.”
– Brandon, Chanelle & Zoelle Jones, homeowners since December 2012
"I cannot recall a time when my mom and I had not been renting a house. Looking around our home, it’s still hard to register that all of it really belongs to us. It’s an incredible feeling."
Hannah Rickman and her mother Debra Christensen, homeowners since April 2012
"Buying a house is stressful. Finding out that I qualified for two Home At Last™ programs and could keep a lot more money in the bank was a relief."
– Lyndsey Hall and son Nathan, homeowners since May 2012
"I heard about Home At Last™ from my loan officer. Honestly, I would not have been able to buy a home this nice, this large and this new in a neighborhood this safe without the help of NRHA. I recommend Home at Last™ to everyone."
– Amber Schwertfeger, homeowner since January 2012
"When I heard about Home At Last™, I knew it was the program that could help me buy my first home. Now I pay just $50 more a month than I was paying to rent a home. It feels wonderful to be a homeowner. I tell my daughter every day how much I love our house."
– Michelle Dufrisne, homeowner since February 2011
"I learned about the Home At Last™ MCC program through my lender, Community Home Finance. In the first year I saved a whopping $1,550 on my taxes and those savings will continue for many years. Home at Last™ made a believer out of me. Now that I’m a realtor with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Fernley, I recommend the program to my clients because I know it will save them money, too."
– Joe Reisenauer, homeowner since December 31, 2009
"With housing prices coming down, we felt we could finally buy a home of our own in a neighborhood we loved. We found the perfect home and a friend of ours told us about Home at Last™.  Not only are our mortgage payments affordable, we are saving thousands of dollars on our taxes every year. All the pieces just came together and we are so grateful."
–David & Kristi Lockett, homeowners since January 2010
"Up until a few years ago I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to own my own home and that it was just a dream. When I found out about the Home At Last™ program from Nevada Rural Housing, my dream became reality. This program has allowed me to fulfill a dream of owning my own home in the neighborhood where I grew up." 
– Scott Carey, homeowner since October 2010
"My journey to home ownership started with a math problem. I calculated how much I’d spent in rent during the past nine years–$99,000! That number made me look hard at how I could go from a being a renter to a homeowner. My big challenge was getting a down payment together, but the Home At Last™ program had a solution–a down payment grant. If it wasn’t for Home at Last™, I’d have to wait much longer to buy a home……..and who knows what property values and the economy would look like then!"
– Joe Bennett, homeowner since December 2010
"During the process of purchasing a home our lender Scott at Guild Mortgage, introduced us to the Nevada Rural Housing Authority, Home at Last™ program. The process was easy, and now thanks to NRHA and the help of our lender we are enjoying our new home at last."
– Ruth & Bob Swanson, homeowners since January 2010
“My experience dealing with Nevada Rural Housing Authority and the Home at Last™ program has made all the difference in the world for me. I’m grateful that my realtor from Keller Williams Realty and lender from New American Mortgage told me about this program, in addition to the incredible support and service I’ve received from NRHA. The entire process has been painless and the fact that I will be moving into my first home in less than a month is truly a dream come true for me."
– Jason Stancil, homeowner since September 2010
"When home values began falling, we thought we would finally have the opportunity to buy. What we found was that even though prices had dropped, it was still really challenging to get financing. Our fabulous realtor/lender team–Rose Marie Lane with Century 21 and Sherri Negrete of Sierra Coast Mortgage–made home ownership possible. Our realtor found us this home and connected us with a lender. Our lender let us know that Robert’s military service qualified us for Nevada Rural Housing Authority's Home at Last™ MCC program. Home at Last™ enabled us to move into the home of our dreams."
– Robert & Cathy Minter, homeowners since October 2009
"I had a wonderful realtor, Tina Spencer of Home Gate, who told me about Nevada Rural Housing Authority's Home At Last™ program. With Countrywide the process was quick and easy. Now I have a beautiful new home and an affordable house payment I can live with."
– Robert Carson, homeowner since March 16, 2009
"As a married MBA with no children and excellent credit, it was still difficult for my husband and me to come up with the money for a down payment on our first home. There are very few average Americans who have thousands of dollars sitting around in their bank accounts. The Home At Last™ program offered by the Nevada Rural Housing Authority made it possible for us to get into our home through their down payment and closing cost assistance. Their brochure outlined the rules clearly and their response time on my questions was fast, usually within one day. I thank the Nevada Rural Housing Authority for helping to make our dream come true. If you are a first time home buyer, I urge you to give the Nevada Rural Housing Authority a call because they make it clear that they are here to help you."
– Rosemarie Ruiz, homeowner since April 2008
"Our lender told us about Home At Last™ and we were so excited. It was the smoothest, most positive experience we could imagine. We love our home, we love the neighborhood. We couldn’t be happier."
– Lawrence, Karen, Jessica & Irene Gonzales, homeowners since April 2008
"I didn’t believe we would ever become homeowners, not in a million years. Home At Last™ was the best thing that ever happened to our family. I come home every day and just tear up, I can’t believe all this is ours."
– Dawn Mackey, homeowners since April 2007