There are many sides to our Rental & Housing Programs

We help nearly two thousand Nevadans pay rent every month, but we also help the elderly and disabled live independently, connect people with social services, and help people transition to homeownership.


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Rental & Housing Programs

The Larios Arms II Project Based Voucher Wait List will open 5/2/2016 until further notice. You can review the full notice here or start an application on 5/2/2016. All other waiting lists are currently closed.
Nevada Rural Housing Authority’s low-income housing services are the foundation of the organization. In 1973, an act of the State legislature created the organization whose mission was to help provide affordable housing opportunities to Nevadans living in rural parts of the state.
Since those days of administering Federal Section 8 vouchers, Nevada Rural Housing Authority’s (NRHA) housing services have dramatically evolved. In addition to administering rent subsidies, NRHA partners with a wide range of social service agencies to provide a range of services from security deposit assistance, service coordination for senior residents, and referral to community social service agencies for elderly, disabled and veteran applicants.
We are always looking for ways to expand our reach, partner with other agencies, and find new ways to meet even more needs of our low-income citizens.